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Good mom makes bad employee? December 4, 2009

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Today has been spent in a hustle trying to align paperwork as to not get fired for Little Miss’ & I’s little interlude with H1n1.

I’m about 90% sure that regardless of what I do that the inevitable is going to occur and I’m am indeed going to be terminated. Terminated. Just the sound of it is nasty..

When I hear *Terminated* I think of this:

Now I see no plausible reason to send Arnold (or Christian Bale or whoever the hell the new Terminator is) after me for staying home when I have the Flu and then subsequently staying home with my daughter when she shares the same fate.  However I work for a mammoth corporation to whom I am but another number. Will I be punished for making the decision to care for myself and my family? Only the paper shuffling drones will be able to tell.

I know one thing, I made the right decision. I am ready to take whatever consequences there are for a Mother who chooses to care for her and her sick infant daughter.