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Good mom makes bad employee? December 4, 2009

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Today has been spent in a hustle trying to align paperwork as to not get fired for Little Miss’ & I’s little interlude with H1n1.

I’m about 90% sure that regardless of what I do that the inevitable is going to occur and I’m am indeed going to be terminated. Terminated. Just the sound of it is nasty..

When I hear *Terminated* I think of this:

Now I see no plausible reason to send Arnold (or Christian Bale or whoever the hell the new Terminator is) after me for staying home when I have the Flu and then subsequently staying home with my daughter when she shares the same fate.  However I work for a mammoth corporation to whom I am but another number. Will I be punished for making the decision to care for myself and my family? Only the paper shuffling drones will be able to tell.

I know one thing, I made the right decision. I am ready to take whatever consequences there are for a Mother who chooses to care for her and her sick infant daughter.


One Response to “Good mom makes bad employee?”

  1. Sentiments Says:

    While working, I have experienced what you have stated here, but on the other end. I was single at the time and I would be discussed to heard people talk about mothers who stayed home because they or their children were sick. It’s unfortunate that parents have to choose to between the need to work or the loyalty to their family. I wish things would change.

    I will be thinking about you and I hope things turn out for the better. I know it’s easier said, but if you do get let go, at least you are not working for a company who cares only for what you have to offer them and not that you have a life.

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