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Resource Center Tour December 2, 2009

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As previously mentioned today was our Orientation Tour at Edmonds Homeschool Resource Center. My expectations were ridiculously high. Heck, this involves Littleman’s future – if my expectations were anything but sky high there would be worries I am sure.

I google map’d our little adventure and set out way too early as to be sure we’d have time JUSSSSSSST in case we got lost. Can never be too paranoid careful right?

EHRC happens to be located right next to my favorite-ist grocery store of ALL time PCC.

Little side note because I freaking love Love PCC this much. It is an Organic grocery store that is full of nom nom happiness.  (  One of their most fabulous policies is that any child that comes into the store is allowed to pick any piece of produce they want to eat, anything at all. They can either eat it while at the store (the staff will wash and prepare said produce) or they can take it home.

So anyways we find the school which happens to be the old Edmonds-Woodway High school.

We arrive a half hour early and head to the main office where we are ushered into the library to kill some time before the tour begins. We sniff around a bit – they are having a Book Fair, oh how I missed such things. We peak at homeschoolers in the library with their parents doing random projects.

Shortly before 2pm (the designated start time) we head into the room where the tour is going to begin. People start to file in, normal looking folk not the extremist religious weirdos people tend to think of when one mentions homeschooling.

The principle was out for the day so one of the front office managers lead the presentation. I was impressed by her speech and I was eager to move on to the actual tour itself. Our little family as well as about twelve others started filtering through the school. It is a well organized establishment and I didn’t meet anyone that was less than pleasant.

There are many classes available through the center itself, many are free where as some have a fee (such as individual piano or guitar lessons, or the martial arts class). There was a Video Editing Lab that I personally was particularly interested in. Also we came across a Lego/Robotic lab where students practiced Blueprint reading and Robotics with Legos and other such materials. Of course there are your basic reading, writing, & math classes full of students & parents that looked excited to be learning.

Needless to say we are excited. There is an 8 week orientation for parents to get everything in order and Littleman won’t be able to be actively enrolled until this coming September as he turns five in March.

♥ ♥ ♥ We’re doing it.  ♥ ♥ ♥


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