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Our decision to Homeschool. December 1, 2009

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My list of reasons why I have chosen to home school my children grows everyday. Growing up my best friend was home schooled – she eventually went on to go to a public high school by her request.

I remember being envious of her studying at home. It wasn’t because she was at home playing and doing what she wanted but because she received the educational attention that so many of us that went to public school lacked.

As a small child I had an unbridled passion for learning. I hungered for knowledge.  I would meet with my teachers after class and ask for extra work. I just wanted to keep studying, I didn’t care if I got credit for this work or not. I wanted to learn.

This lasted till about 2nd grade when I was in Mrs. StupidTeacher’s class. We were doing math and she had put some ‘problems’ on the board.  We went out for morning recess, came back and I snuck up to the front of the class and completed one of the equations on the board.  I quietly sat down at my desk and waited. The class began to filter back in slowly, taking their places. Mrs. StupidTeacher’s walked up to the front of the class shushing us all.  She then began to laugh, and asked who was it that thought they knew what they were doing enough to write on the board when they weren’t told they were allowed to.  I sheepishly raised my hand and admitted to my crime.  She spent the next few minutes berating me for breaking the rules and not being intelligent enough to even get the correct answer. The class joined in with her laughter.

I was crushed, devastated..  I believed at that moment I was an idiot. What is worse, I was an idiot that didn’t follow the rules.

My love for education went dormant due to this single event and didn’t resurface till late in my teenage years.

Life moved on, crazy things happened often, I dropped out of high school.. I partied like a rockstar.  Education (or the future homeschooling of my children) was not in the fore front of my mind.

Later I fell in love with a cute boy who I shall refer to as Husbandface from here forth. Husbandface and I lived like gypsies exploring the ‘world’ however we could.  Then it happened.  The ginormous life changing event that would transform me into the snot whipping, clean butt providing, homeschooling, breastfeeding  person I am today.  I was carrying a stowaway. I was pregnant. My carefree, things will take care of themselves lifestyle had to come to an end and fast. I realized that this little life needed a better start than I had, better than Husbandface had. I scrambled to create some sort of normalcy in my life.  I had NO clue what I was doing and made plenty of mistakes in getting our lives in order.

Littleman had changed my life in an instant.

As  Littleman grew older I realized I was in for it. This little poop machine was is intelligent. He shares the same zest for learning I once did.

I would be damned if a teacher in a bad mood was going to ruin my son’s thirst for knowledge.  I decided then to homeschool. Now all of this all happened in my head, I hadn’t discussed this with Husbandface yet.

Realizing this, I also realized I did indeed need to discuss my plans for our son’s education with his father. I had really worked myself up about this, planned exactly what I was going to say and my argument for why I was right should his opinion differ.  I presented my case to him and expected to be immediately shot down. However that isn’t how it happened at all, his response, “That sounds like a great idea” shocked me.  I was totally prepared for the debate of century and it wasn’t necessary. Husbandface went on to share some of his public school stories nightmares.

I started researching like crazy. I needed to find out a recipe for success for this homeschool thing and I needed it quick. I read countless blogs, ordered books from Amazon.. read said books.

I talked to a woman who I played WoW with (yes, I’m a geek) who Unschools her children. I asked questions about what Unschool was, bought a book about it and researched the heck out of it. Her children aged 18 & 12 are the most articulate, intelligent kids (other than my own of course, hehe) that I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing company with.

I don’t know if I am quite confident enough yet to venture down the Unschool path. However I defiantly am going to keep it in the back of my mind as we toddle down the path towards educational success.

My step sister also homeschools her children she uses a public school resource center to make this possible.

I am researching a similar center to assist in our introduction to homeschool. We have an appointment today at 2pm to tour the facility and get a feel for what Kindergarten there would be like.

We’re excited.


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